Tim Corey – 2021 – C# Mastercourse

C# Mastercourse” was launched on December 07, 2021.

C# Mastercourse
Author: Tim Corey
Year: 2021
Price: US $497


Module 01: Getting Started
Lesson 01: Introduction
Lesson 02: Who This Course Is For
Lesson 03: What This Course Covers
Lesson 04: What This Course Does Not Cover
Lesson 05: What Outcomes Should You Expect
Lesson 06: Getting Visual Studio
Lesson 07: Installing Visual Studio

Module 02: Common Syntax

Module 03: Debugging
Lesson 01: Introduction
Lesson 02: Using Breakpoints
Lesson 03: Handling Exceptions
Lesson 04: Advanced Exceptions
Lesson 05: Advanced Breakpoints
Lesson 06: Mini-Project

Module 04: Object Oriented Programming 1

Module 05: Battleship Application

Module 06: Object Oriented Programming 2

Module 07: Project Types

Module 08: Data Access

Module 09: Hotel Management Application

Module 10: Career Development
Lesson 01: Introduction
Lesson 02: How Do I Ask Great Questions
Lesson 03: How Do I Get Work Experience
Lesson 04: What Should Be In My Portfolio
Lesson 05: How Do I Evaluate A Job Opportunity
Lesson 06: How Do I Get A Great Start At A New Job
Lesson 07: How Do I Grow As A Developer
Lesson 08: How Do I Help Others
Lesson 09: How Do I Become More Efficient
Lesson 10: Where Do I Go From Here
Lesson 11: Conclusion

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C# Mastercourse

C# Mastercourse

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